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Bali Wedding Civil

In the RI state law, everything that has to do with the population should be noted, as well as birth, death, marriage as well. Marriage includes closely with legacy issues, it should be noted that family to keep this country the rule of law.

sipilTo establish a civil wedding ceremony in Bali legally be done in two ways, first as a religion by leaders / religious leaders, respectively, which both civilly by the Civil Registry Office. Both methods can be done at one location or at two locations according to each partner’s desires.

Our Wedding in Bali will help the process of obtaining your civil wedding, whether you are Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Muslim. The price we offer for the management of your civil service is very affordable and already includes the maintenance ranging from government / consulate in Bali until the completion and release of a letter from the government civil service.

For the maintenance of civil marriage records, papers or documents that need to be equipped as follows:

  1.      Copy of the marriage certificate signed by religious leaders concerned.
  2.      Widow / Widower must include a certificate or certificate of divorce that the couple had died earlier.
  3.      The certificate has never been married or Letter of No Impediment from their respective institution or municipality (For citizens) or from the embassy (for foreign nationals) who stated that no one is objecting to the conduct of the marriage.
  4.      Copy of birth certificate
  5.      Copy of ID card (for citizens) and copy of passport (for foreign nationals)
  6.      A waiver of both parties that the marriage took place over consensual.
  7.      10 sheets Pas 4cm x 6cm sized photo (side by side)

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