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Bali Wedding Flowers

A wedding is always synonymous with a wide variety of ornamental flowers decoration. In addition to decorate beautiful party decorations, flowers were also gives specific symbol in a variety of custom wedding ceremonies around the world. Marriage would not be complete without flowers. Flowers symbolize a form of beauty and happiness, and romance in a marriage.

For the bride, choosing wedding bouquets that fit the theme and personality are things that need to be considered to create a harmonious blend with the wedding dress or kebaya.

Our Wedding in Bali will be happy to help you, because we provide a wide range of wedding flowers that are specially designed and very beautiful. You can specify the size of the flowers, shapes, and colors you want.

The following are some of the commonly used meaning of flowers during the wedding ceremony:

Chrysantemum                  : happiness of all time
White chrysanthemum   : honesty
Yellow chrysanthemum : secret fan
Red Chrysanthemum       : love
Orchid                                     : Love and beauty
Lilac                                         : first love
Jasmine                                  : chastity and purity
Violet                                      : modesty
Lily of the Valley                : love is tinged humility
Red rose                                 : love and passion
White Rose                            : purity and humility
Tulip                                        : True love



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