Bali Weddings Package

Buddhism Wedding In Bali

The beauty of the island can not doubt, because its beauty is very appealing, so Bali is called Paradise Island“. The name Bali has been known to foreign countries, so many tourists who come to Bali to enjoy the beautiful island of Bali. Not only to enjoy the beautiful island of Bali, many tourists who perpetuate wedding in Bali. You who want to capture your wedding, you can come to Bali.

Married in Bali is a very exciting moment to be the most beautiful memories. You will be spoiled with beautiful views of the island of Bali. For those of you who want to hold a wedding ceremony in Traditional Buddhism in Bali. Our Wedding in Bali, is one of the wedding organizers who have complete permission and tried to realize the desire of those who want to get married in Bali, whether it is valid / legal according to both the religion and the laws of Indonesia and the anniversary celebration service and reception party. You can choose the location of your wedding, such as villas, restaurant, chapel of glass, in the garden with a green environment, with a view of the sea off the coast very beautiful and charming, and in the appropriate places of your choice.

Buddhist wedding ceremony led by Buddhist monks called Monk. The ceremony can only be performed at the monastery because the monks are not allowed to leave the monastery to come to the hotel, villa or other places. The couple will get a marriage license from the local monastery and can immediately get a marriage certificate.

All of the preparation through implementation of your wedding, we guarantee it will be held properly. Because we have a professional and experienced in their field and are happy to assist the implementation of your wedding. You do not need to worry about the budget / cost, because the Wedding in Bali provide budget / low cost, affordable and facilities / complete package.

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