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Indonesia consists of various islands and each island has different customs and cultures, one of which is the island of Bali. Bali is famous as the island has a wide variety of traditional procession.

Custom and culture in Bali is very closely related to religion and religious life of the community. Western culture has a very long historical roots that reflect the expressive configurations with dominant religious values ​​of Hinduism. Kongifurasi includes religion, life patterns, settlement patterns, social institutions, and the arts to the people of Bali.

The process of custom wedding ceremony in Bali called Mekalakalaan (natab offerings). Implementation of this ceremony is led by a pastor who was held at the home page as a central point force Bhucari Kala is believed to be the ruler of the mandala madyaning housing.

Our Wedding in Bali offers custom wedding in Bali, you can get married in a traditional ceremony in Bali. Wedding in Bali and experienced professionals to realize your dreams come true on the wedding day a happy and fantastic.

Many couples from Bali or outside Bali has been formally establish his wedding and chose Bali as a romantic spot for their wedding. Our Wedding in Bali, is one of the wedding organizers who have complete permission and tried to realize the desire of those who want to get married in Bali, whether it is valid / legal according to both the religion and the laws of Indonesia and the anniversary celebration service and reception party. Wedding in Bali is managed by a professional staff experienced in planning your wedding. We will provide all the necessary information, plan and budget your wedding, we will realize your dream wedding in Bali.

Wedding in Bali always make your dream wedding in Bali was organized perfectly and become wonderful memories unforgettable.

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