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Islamic Wedding In Bali

The island of Bali has been known throughout the world with the beauty that is unrivaled. The natural beauty and wealth of customs became one of the attractions for tourists. Apart from being a tourist destination of Bali as well as for those who want to hold a wedding in Bali while enjoying the beach and its natural uniqueness very green and beautiful.



Married in Bali is a very beautiful moment and coveted by every couple who can not be forgotten. For those of you who want to hold a wedding ceremony in Bali Indigenous Islam. Our Wedding in Bali is one of the wedding agent who has full permissions and trying to realize your desire to get married in Bali, whether it is valid / legal according to both the religion and the laws of Indonesia and the anniversary celebration service and reception party. You can choose the location of your wedding, such as villas, restaurant, chapel of glass, in the garden with a green environment, with a view of the sea off the coast very beautiful and charming, and in the appropriate places of your choice.

Marriage in Islam is a marriage in accordance with the applicable provisions under Islamic law, in which the two couples are followers of the Islamic religion and the new religion of Islam (Muslim convert). Married couple will receive a wedding certificate called Book of Marriage issued by the Religious or Religious Affairs Office (KUA) and has been legalized by the Government of Indonesia. Ceremony led by the headman of the local KAU. For options ceremony, married couples may choose to hold the ceremony at the V office or local KAU may correspond to couple marriage wishes to determine where her marriage contract, in which KAU officials will be invited to attend at the ceremony location had been agreed.

Wedding in Bali always provide the best and most comprehensive service to assist you in carrying out thousands of wedding ceremonies and receptions for couples, both foreign and Indonesian couples and mixed couples.

Wedding in Bali who is experienced and professional staff will be happy to assist you from planning to execution of the wedding and make your dream really materialized into an unforgettable reality. With affordable prices, you can get married in Bali while enjoying the beautiful island of Bali and your wedding will be a beautiful memory in your life.

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