Bali Weddings Package

Marriage Christianity In Bali

Charm Bali is very charming and beautiful, so travelers interested in coming to Bali to enjoy the beautiful island of Bali. Not only as a tourist destination, Bali is also very suitable as a wedding venue for the event because of the beautiful surroundings and atmosphere. So many people both locally and come to Bali to perpetuate his wedding in Bali.

catholic03You can choose a place for a wedding ceremony that you want, such as villas, glass chapel, restaurant, landscaped gardens, on the edge of a very beautiful beach with blue sea color, and other choice spots in Bali.

You who want to hold a wedding ceremony in Indigenous Christianity in Bali, Wedding in Bali we will always help you and provide the best service for you. From planning to preparation for your wedding. We provide a complete package that is very affordable and budget.

According to Christianity Custom wedding, wedding ceremonies Christianity served by the pastor. Can place in a church or reception in the location. Christian weddings conducted under the provisions of ecclesiastical rule where both partners no previous marriage bond and the two embraced Christianity. The couple will receive a Certificate of Marriage of the Church who serve and partner can immediately perform the ceremony for Civil authorized by the state. For then the pair will get a certificate from the Civil Registry Office. Christian matrimony is not so difficult as long as the data admin of a complete bride.

Wedding in Bali is a wedding that is experienced and professional in his field in the process of wedding planning until the implementation process. The price we offer very affordable and comes with the package / facilities are very complete.

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